What is Alarm Response Service?
This is a common question which comes across in people’s mind and when we do talk about it there is a long list of things to address and understand.

Alarm response for security companies means that when an alarm is activated, a security guard in marked security vehicle called Mobile Patrol Security goes and checks out your home or business to ensure it is secure and there are no signs of forced or unauthorized entry.

Why do I need an alarm response service?
Alarm response service at residential properties is needed when you are out of your house at work or on vacation or simply you cannot be there when the alarm is activated. The majority of the business alarms are triggered after hours and in most cases owners do not feel safe to go respond to the alarms during the night or send any of their employees. In some cases the owner responds along with the Mobile Patrol Security so they have someone with them while inspecting the property.

Who provides alarm response?
Alarm response service is usually provided by security companies and in some cases by Law Enforcement Agencies.

Who should I choose? A law enforcement agency or a security company?
When a law enforcement officer responds to an alarm he/she could only check the perimeter of your property as they do not keep keys to your premises. If you have a security company setup for alarm response they would keep your keys in their mobile patrol vehicles and when they do come to respond to an alarm they will conduct interior and exterior patrol.

If the law enforcement officer responds to an alarm and it turns out to be false alarm the owner receives a bill which is significant compared to having security guard respond to the alarm. If you have more than 3 false alarms in 12 months your alarm permit could also be suspended. For more information regarding false alarms & alarm reduction program in Vancouver visit http://vancouver.ca/police/crime-prevention/false-alarm-reduction/index.html

How does the alarm response process works?
When an alarm is activated your monitoring company receives the signal, they then act on it as per instructions on the account and start calling the contact persons from top to the bottom of the list. In that list you can add your alarm response security company as the contact person in the order you like. Once the alarm response security company receives a call from your monitoring station a professional mobile patrol guard in a marked security vehicle is dispatched to your property.

Upon arrival the guard does the full exterior and interior patrol of your residential or commercial property and reports back to your monitoring station with his/her findings. If it turns out to be false alarm a report is submitted and you receive a copy of it and in case there is a problem then along with the report you are contacted by the monitoring company or alarm response company to inform you of any situations which may need your immediate attention.

When and what kind of alarms does the alarm response companies respond to?
Alarm response companies responds to the alarms 24×7 365 days. They respond to all and any alarms dispatched by your monitoring station including fire alarms.

Why could the alarm go off?
There could be multiple reasons for an alarm to go off such as user error, break & enter, forced entry, vandalism, faulty motion or door contact, low alarm system battery, motion alarm triggered by any moving object such as balloons or even a mouse. The list goes on.

How to Set Up Alarm Response
It’s a simple process, choose the alarm response company, tell them your requirements, usually they will have you fill and sign the alarm response agreement and come collect keys to your premises. Once the paperwork is completed then you have been setup as their alarm response client. You then can call your monitoring station and update your call list with the alarm response company’s dispatch number.

Xtreme Security provides alarm response services in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Regina, Victori, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver Island, Kamloops, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Ontario. If you are looking for a reliable and professional alarm response security company or have questions regarding mobile patrols or security guards you can contact Xtreme Security at any time.

Xtreme Security can safely and professionally respond with trained security guards and GPS equipped mobile patrol vehicles. We do our best to resolve the cause of the alarm and leave you with a report of our findings and course of action.

We are the largest regional provider of this service. Our response times are excellent, our employees are trained and bonded, and our experience is unmatched. We charge a reasonable fee per alarm response. (Tip: you might want to check with your local police about their alarm response costs before you receive an unexpected bill.)

If a break-in is confirmed, Xtreme Security’s alarm responder will immediately contact police and conduct a thorough search of the property. If you wish, other individuals can be called as well, such as yourself, a friend, a neighbour, or an employee.

The Xtreme Security Advantage

Unlike other security companies, every call from an alarm monitoring facility goes directly to our on-duty patrol supervisor who is on the road 24/7, rather than a call centre or dispatch centre. This supervisor then goes immediately to the alarm, or delegates to another Xtreme Security patrol member, depending on who is closest to the alarm location.

When calls go through a central dispatch system in another city, you can end up with operators who don’t know anything about the Peterborough region, our addresses, our geography, nor our current weather conditions. And it takes longer for someone to get to your home, cottage, or business, because time is wasted while they make notes in their computer system, before turning around and forwarding that information to the person who will respond to the alarm. Also, there is potential for important details to get misinterpreted when passed through a number of people.

Xtreme Security’s alarm response process has none of these delays and risks.

What Is A Key Holder?

A key holder is someone who holds a key to your home or business.

Xtreme Security often holds door keys and master keys for our clients, providing an alarm response service that is second to none.

We respond to your alarm immediately, thoroughly check your business or residence (interior and exterior), deal with police or fire personnel, fix the cause of a false alarm, reset the alarm panel, and provide you with a written report. There is a small annual fee for key holding. (Remember, police don’t hold keys or leave written reports for you.)

Benefits of Using Xtreme Security For Alarm Response

  • Immediate response – your home or business alarm is our highest priority
  • GPS equipped vehicles allow us to constantly monitor vehicle locations, time on site and patrol completion. This tracking system is available to clients in Hastings County on your smart phone. You can see patrols in real-time.
  • Safer – takes the risk from your friends, relatives, neighbours, employees
  • Cost effective – people are often surprised at the low cost of this service
  • Huge service area – many people are surprised at the region we cover
  • If your property can’t be fully secured, we can stay on-site
  • Peace of mind when you’re not available
  • We can provide police with detailed findings
  • We can resolve problems at the scene
  • We leave written reports for you