Concierge security is a term used to describe a security service that is provided by a professional security company. Concierge security services are typically used by businesses and organizations that want to provide their employees or customers with a higher level of security than what is typically provided by a security guard. Concierge security services can include armed or unarmed security guards, security patrols, access control, and security consulting.

We provide security guards to hotels in greater Vancouver and surrounding areas. We offer a huge range of Vancouver hotel security services. All of these security services are tailored to your exact requirements with the simple goal of keeping your venue and your clients safe. Our hotel security services ensure guests receive warm welcomes every time with a customer-friendly, professional approach that protects your people, property and reputation. When it comes to the safety of your guests, staff and property, security is of the utmost importance, and at Fast Guard Service, it is our top-priority. Our highly-trained security consultants will provide the protection you require, and always with the professional demeanor and courteous manner that is expected in the hospitality industry.

Every industry has its own specific needs when it comes to matters of security. When you contact us, we will go over the specific security needs of your business to ensure that every detail is covered, and every corner and corridor checked and secured. Our hotel security professionals have experience working in many industries, and they understand that each industry has its own particulars that require customized approaches.

Video Surveillance

Need for a video surveillance A Video Camera Surveillance is a very popular security device which helps keeping a check on the everyday activities happening within your business premises. This system not only provides protection to your assets but also to the employees. Most important advantage it promotes safety and security. It helps in preventing theft and burglary. Video camera surveillance keeps a check on all the employees. By knowing this they will be on their best behavior and further Increases productivity. As they know they are being caught on the camera, they get encouraged to do their work properly.

Coverage: Multiple cameras continuously scan large, open spaces such as construction sites, auto dealerships and businesses with outdoor assets.
Responsiveness: Video analytics technology detects and tracks objects in real time. Xtreme security professionals can respond immediately to alarms.
Priority Dispatch: Video alarm verification ensures a rapid police response.
Regular Patrols: Xtreme security personnel can conduct virtual or static on site patrols or through intelligent cameras.
Reporting: Xtreme Detailed time logs and video evidence provide you with comprehensive, accurate incident reports.
Affordability: Remote guarding services cost a fraction of security guard salaries.