Xtream security Inc is a security company that specializes in construction site security in vancouver. We have a team of experienced and trained security guards who are able to provide a high level of security for your construction site. We also have a wide range of security equipment and systems that they can use to help secure your site.

The increasing crime rates all over the world have raised major security concerns which is why it has now become mandatory for the owners to have adequate security around their sites. There are several construction sites all over vancouver and all of them have started to hire good security services.

Xtreme Security Services Inc. Within 5 years of establishment, has managed to earn a significant name in the security industry. It is indeed one of the most reliable and affordable security providers in vancouver.

Our long list of accomplishments is undeniably the talk of the town. However, we owe our success to the clients who have consistently supported us on our journey and have motivated us to improve and attain the highest security standards.

The security professionals of Xtreme Security Services Inc. have been trained in the best interest of the clients. They are taught to always prioritize the client’s protection before anything else. If you dig into the reviews of our clients, you will know how impressed they are by the behaviour and capabilities of our security professionals.

Cooperation is a necessary attribute of a security provider and thus you will find all the professionals of Xtreme Security Services Inc. to be extremely cooperative. They will always pay kind attention to your concerns and create contracts that best achieve them. Based on your budget, you can opt to have short-term or long-term security plans. You don’t necessarily need to opt for all the services, you can choose either CCTV surveillance or alarm

monitoring or opt for both if your budget allows. Therefore, Xtreme Security Services Inc. is a one-stop destination for all construction site security needs.

The functioning of our alarm and CCTV systems is evaluated by reputable security regulating bodies. There will never be a fault in any of our security tools as we take good care of their maintenance and conduct regular quality checks.