Xtream Security provides professional fire watch security service in Vancouver to protect your property and ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Our fire watch security guards are highly trained and experienced in fire safety procedures, and are equipped with the latest firefighting equipment to handle any emergency situation.

Nowadays, security plays an integral part in the efficient working of a company. Hence, it has become immensely important for the owners to safeguard their premises and employees. With more than 5 years of experience in the security industry, Xtreme Security Services Inc. has grown into a reputable name.

Fires are considered one of the most dangerous emergencies, which is why they must be tackled only by skilled professionals. The fire watch security services are not just limited to public or commercial sites but are also available for private venues, offices etc.

The first job of our fire watch security guards is to thoroughly inspect the premises and identify the high fire risk areas. Their next job then is to carefully study the involved risk factors.

They pay attention to every material present on the premises to assess the danger associated with it. Highly flammable or toxic materials are usually the potential culprits. The security guards ensure that the danger zones are properly secured.

Apart from that, they take care of the overall security measures of the premises. The guards also identify the safe areas where the individuals can be taken in case of unforeseen accidents.

Our fire watch guards are extremely vigilant. They take no time to jump into action in case of emergencies. If they suspect a potential danger, they quickly activate the fire alarms and inform the control centre.

They also help in the immediate evacuation of the individuals. Since they already know about the safe zones, evacuation happens in no time with zero casualties. Xtreme Security Services Inc. trains its guards to be active 24/7 and constantly stay in touch with the owner and the fire department.

They are taught to pay equal attention to both high-risk and low-risk factors and thus curate a safety plan for all kinds of fire outbreaks.