Xtreme Security Services Inc. provides Loss prevention officers in vancouver to protect businesses and organizations from theft and vandalism. Our security officers are trained to deter and detect criminal activity, and they are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for our clients.

We are proud to offer our services to the businesses and organizations in the vancouver area, and we are committed to helping them protect their assets and property.

It is nowadays absolutely impossible for a business to grow without a security backup. If the employees at work will always be busy monitoring the thefts or identifying the threats around them, they will never be able to focus on the work they are paid for. Hence, there is a need to hire loss prevention security guards who exhibit the best skills to prevent such crimes.

The guards of Xtreme Security Services Inc. keep a sharp eye on all the fishy details and never let the trivial suspects turn into dangerous threats. They start to investigate the situation as soon as they presume a danger.

Our guards make sure that your business encounters no security hindrance and can bloom at a remarkable pace. The guards are smart enough to foresee the upcoming threats and energetic enough to take prompt measures to avert them.

Guards are trained to deal with the shoplifters in a strict yet professional manner. Moreover, seeing uniformed guards at the entry and exit points anyway shooks the confidence of the shoplifters and thus prevents crimes in the first place.

Apart from the outsiders, the businesses first need to be protected from the insiders. People inside the company are usually a bigger threat than the people outside. While the outsider might have to make several attempts to enter the premises, the insider is already privileged to have access to the property.

This is the reason that insider thefts are more difficult to prevent than the theft by perpetrators. Every business consists of a large number of staff members at different levels and it is practically impossible to decode the intention of each employee. If we go by the numbers, most retail thefts are planned by employees of the store as they are already well equipped with the inside details.