A mobile patrol is a security service that involves security guards patrolling an area in a vehicle. Mobile patrols are a popular security solution for businesses and organizations because they provide a high level of visibility and can cover a large area in a short amount of time.

Organizations that are considering implementing a mobile patrol security solution should work with a reputable security company to ensure that their needs are properly met. The security company will be able to provide the necessary vehicles and security guards, and will also be able to develop a customized patrol plan that meets the specific needs of the organization.

We’ve worked with a range of businesses and our patrol team can easily monitor your facility using our marked security vehicles. This is particularly useful for businesses that are located in areas with high crime rates. Our bike patrol services are a great option for events where guards need to cover a large amount of ground in areas away from roads. We’ll tailor our services to your requirements and we’re available on short notice when we’re needed. We can create a customized plan to meet your needs.

Mobile Patrol security services act as a deterrent against potential thieves and vandals on the very premises being patrolled. Whether patrolling a neighborhood or a commercial zone, Xtreme Security provides marked vehicles and trained patrol officers who are reliable, vigilant, fast with response, and inspect your property as often as your needs dictate. Optimum Security mobile patrol officers will inspect building premises, fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and the doors and windows of your business or residence.